Usual suspects Klara & Nikolaj at their exhibition

Klara and Nikolaj in front of exhibition

Meyou-meyou studio was born in studios #23, in the attic of cafe Louvre, almost exactly 3 years ago. Soon after that, it has found its current home in the lodge with hayloft, in the yard of Petrohradska kolektiv. There it experiments with matter, shape and glazes. Searching for distinctive expression of porcelain, became an expression itself for Klara Bernardy and Nikolaj Ryfr. We like to seek, but we also love to find. Try new things and perfect the old ones. We believe our work should speak for itself, but we also think that good party is a great way of spending the night. And then there’s table tennis and that’s where the real war starts.

What you can see while visiting us are casted snow balls, crumpled tinfoils, copies of soda cups, 3D modelled stuff and infusion of plastic foams and burned out leaves and branches, huge on-wall statue and… and much more.

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From the terrace of our first studio

Battlefield. Hayloft in the background.


Intricate smile, Portishead T-shirt, happy Marv

Nikolaj and Klara in front of studio